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Case of the Mondays?


Let’s be honest, Monday is just one of those days that no
one really looks forward to.  Sunday rolls around, the weekend is almost over
and it’s time to face the work week again.  As I was cruising around on
Facebook one day, I came across a unique organization called Miracle Mondays;
they have put a different spin on Mondays.  Instead of dreading Mondays and
all that comes along with them, Mondays are officially AWESOME!  Mondays are a day to look forward to, a day
to make a difference in someone else’s life and a day to improve your own
life.  The best part is this is happening
right in our own backyard, down the street at Duke Children’s Hospital. 

Like Mondays, hospitals are one of those places that no one
seems to like much either.  Miracle
Mondays are not only making Mondays positive but hospitals too.  Some children have to spend a large majority
of their young lives in hospitals.  For
these kids, they do this so they can get better and get back to being a kid as
quick as possible.  I wish I could tell
you these kids are in and out of hospital with in a few days or a week but it’s
not always that simple.  So in order to
make their extended stay in the hospital as positive as possible, Miracle
Mondays are changing the atmosphere of kids hospital rooms by adding color,
art, poetry, games and fun!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to experience the impact
Miracle Mondays has on the kids at Duke Children’s Hospital.  I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous
because every time I have been to a hospital it hasn’t been the best
experience, but this time was different.  Armed with a case of USA Baseball baseballs cards and the help of our
friends at Miracle Mondays, we entered the hospital with hopes that we could
brighten the day with a little bit of baseball.  As we walked the halls of the children’s
hospital, dropping off a box of baseball cards in different kids’ rooms the response
was overwhelming, not just from the kids but from their families too.  When
the kids asked how many cards they could keep out of the box and we told them
the whole box was theirs to keep, eyes lit up, a smile came over their face and
experiencing that is beyond words.  If a
box of baseball cards can make that much of a difference in a kid’s life,
imagine the possibilities…

Check out Miracle Mondays
to get a glimpse of our visit to the bravest kids on the planet.

Happy Monday!