For the Love of the Game

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and
let’s face it, a great day for the greeting card and flower industry.  But why does Valentine’s Day just have to be
about that one special person in your life? 
At the risk of sounding corny, there is so much to love in this
world, why only celebrate one?  Take a
minute and think about everything you love…your list might include everything
from your family to your favorite pair of shoes and if you’re lucky, your list
includes the game of baseball.    

There is just something about the game of baseball, that
makes you love it for no specific reason other than because you just do.  Maybe you love it because it’s America’s pastime
or maybe because of the great memories it’s given you over the years.  One of the many reasons I love baseball (and
my job for that matter) is the joy it brings to people, especially kids.  Kids’ eyes light up, smile form across their
face and they just have that look of pure happiness.  It’s a feeling that every kid deserves to
have.  However, sometimes it’s not that
easy to step out on to a field and play, especially for kids facing physical or
mental disabilities.  That’s where the
Miracle League comes in.  The Miracle
League is an fantastic organization that gives every kid a chance to play baseball, the chance
to experience the love and the joy that the game can bring. 

Lucky for us, there is a Miracle League right down the
street from us, in Cary.  The Triangle Miracle
has an awesome facility and a wonderful support system of staff and
volunteers who make every kids’ dream of playing baseball a reality.  For two seasons during the year, kids ages 5
and up, their families and members of the community are welcome to participate
in fulfilling the Miracle League mission of creating positive life experiences
kids with special needs and their families through baseball. 

Let’s celebrate the love of baseball every day and help make
some miracle happen!     

1 Comment

Such a great way to put it, its great to hear about the wonderful game of baseball bringing such joy to people in the community. The Miracle League sounds like a great cause.

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