To recap, folks…
The U.S. lost 6-2 to Italy.

A few things to take from this game:

1. A wake up call. Usually the consensus is 50/50 on this one. No one ever likes to lose, but if the game doesn’t ultimately affect the end result in the tournament, does it truly hurt the psyche? Who knows. Regardless, we better our get our act together before the Japan game. On paper, they are much stronger than Italy.

2. Ruggiano has come to play. Not sure if you could fill a stat sheet any more than he did today: 2-2 with a HR, RBI, SB, R and 2 BB.

3. Our pool all of a sudden just got interesting. We’re 2-1, Italy is 2-0, Chinese Taipei is 2-0, Japan is 2-1, Panama is 2-1. Something’s got to give.

Tomorrow we’ve got Duensing going against Japan. Lefty pitcher vs. a lefty-heavy lineup…sounds good…

Oh, and if you’re curious, the AUS/VEN game ended on a bottom-11 3-run HR walk-off by the Aussies. Drama city.


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